they will express surprise that this being we seek to characterize in it’s intimate truth, should be so ingenuously handed over to geometricians, whose thinking is exterior thinking’ (Gaston Bachelard, The Phenomenology of Roundness)

I see objects as vessels, projected onto and speaking out but not truly accessible or definable. 17th Century Memento Mori and Vanitas depicted objects as a way to point the senses and mortality, phenomenological experience. I feel the found object is charged with personal significance and cultural association, a three-dimensional form.
I use a variety of media to transform and reveal inaccessible aspects of the object, removing partial detail, visual abstractions to consider independently of associations and attributes, using scientific and mathematical tools and ideas to inquire into unresolvable abstract ideas.
I am drawn to the outdated and unwanted object, charity shops and museums, the way we chose to present the past.
Ontological discourse underpins works that explore the limitations of human perception, referencing the technical and scientific imagery and processes we use to enhance, understand, control and catalogue existence, questioning our understanding of reality.