Degree Show Visits at The Old Truman Brewery by Jade Gorman

Sweet 'Art

So I decided to visit The Old Truman Brewery and catch the last of the BA show from both the BA Fine Art courses at Northbrook College and University of Hertfordshire. Here are my best bits and what the artist have to say about their work.
Hala Sabet

Hala Sabet 2 “The true meaning of Islam is essentially peaceful and seeks harmony in the world. To counter the misunderstanding of Islam, my work is engaged with, and informed by, the genius of Islamic Geometry, showing the intricacy and simplicity of its construction as another way of stressing the peaceful meaning of the term.”

 Mew Welch

Mew Welch “By using wood, light and paint, I aim to explore how form and light can work and communicate symbiotically and with equal importance. I also suggest that these colours, shapes and patterns can mean so much more than they are. I find inspiration in the stark urban…

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